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Procedure to file a removal request:

  • You can express your request for the removal of the download page. There will be no changes in other things.
  • While filling out the complaint form, put each link in a different line.
  • The links from http://djpunjabhits.com/download.php, http://djpunjabhits.com/search.php are not directly available to the user so these will be ignored. Further, they are already restricted in search engines.
  • You are advised to send not more than 10 links in day as we would be needing time for their inspection and blocking.

Copyright Complaint Form

Copyright Complaint Via Email

If you find any content on FreeMp3Download, that violates the copyright rules, you can send an email to us regarding its deletion. We will take 3-4 days to remove the content. The subject line should be “DMCA for link- give the link” and shoot an email.