Information Collection

The information provided by you while using the service like name, address, phone numbers through the service gets collected by us. Children below the age of 13 years do not need to provide us their personal information.

How Is the Personal Information Used?

The information that we collect is used in (i) promoting products and services (ii) notifying you about the modifications (iii) replying to queries (iv) improving quality of our services. When we launch new products, services, features, and other offers, we may contact you via SMS, email id, telephone numbers,

Opting-In and Opting-Out Policy

We will not use your personal information in ways other than what is mentioned in the privacy policy. This will however not hold true if you give your information to third parties by choosing the opt in option at different places. Contact the customer service if you do not wish to receive any further notifications. However, you may not be able to fully utilize the service if you opt out.


We may even collect information about the device that you are using. This includes the operating system used by you, IP address, web browsers. You may be given a cookie automatically when you avail the Service. This cookie does not have your personal information. You may choose to not select a cookie whenever there is a pop-up. But if you do so, you may not be fully able to make use of the Service. Cookies and third-party ads are used to deliver ads on websites where we post advertisements. Online advertisements may be managed by web beacons.

Quality Improvement of Our Site

To know about the effectiveness of content and traffic on the service, information that we collect about you may be used. We use this data to bring convenience in site browsing and improve the overall quality when you visit the service. We do not track your activities on different websites. We may collect information about the use of the service or which may accrue with information collected from different sites. This data may be used by us to improve the quality of the service.

Notification of Changes

We can change the privacy policy any time and for any reason. If we choose to use your information in ways other than what we have mentioned in the privacy policy, then we will intimate you through email so that you can opt out if you wish. Also, there will be a notice on the Service, that we are going to change the privacy policy that will be posted to make the users aware of the changes made. We will also email about this to some of our users.

Customer Service

If you need any help or have any questions regarding this privacy policy and its use, feel free to contact us at our website.